Order catering for wedding – make your event unforgettable

What are the types of wedding catering services?

Wedding catering is becoming more and more popular every day, and newlyweds prefer to spend their holiday not in the restaurant, but in some unusual place: on the roof of a high-rise building, a ship or in a park. In order for this day to be filled with exceptionally bright memories, its’ organizing should be entrusted to specialists. Over the years, our company has proven itself in New York as successful professionals in the organizing of holidays of various formats and levels of complexity. 

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What does the arrangement of a wedding include?

Ordering catering in New York for a wedding opens up almost unlimited possibilities for the realization of your fantasies. Are you dreaming of a lavish banquet in a good restaurant or stylizing a festive event to match the plot of your favorite movie? Or, maybe you just want to step outside the box and spend the day on the beach or in the garden? We are ready to listen to all your wishes and organize:

  • a banquet that involves places assigned to guests, service and serving of food by waiters;
  • a buffet table that does not limit guests in their ability to move around the entire site, and the invitees also choose food and drinks on their own;
  • a barbecue with a special menu, complemented by dishes cooked on the grill, will be an excellent option for celebrating a wedding in nature.

Stages of preparation for the event

In order to save the newlyweds from unpleasant experiences on the most solemn day, it is important to take care of all the moments of the celebration in advance and discuss them with the specialists of our company. We provide:

  • individual coordination of the menu, taking into account all the wishes of the customer, calculating the required number of dishes and ingredients for their preparation;
  • delivery of ready-made food, necessary utensils, furniture, equipment to the venue of the banquet;
  • design decoration of the room (site) in a certain style, table setting;
  • service for guests throughout the entire celebration, including solving possible serving issues.

Entrust the arrangement of your holiday to our company, and you can let go of all the troubles and devote time to those who are really dear to you, without bothering your mind with unnecessary worries.