How to Process Cocoa or Chocolate Beans yourself

How to process Cocoa or Chocolate Beans yourselfHow to process Cocoa beans is a long and difficult process but it is worth a try and may become your business opportunity. Given that there are so many cocoa or chocolate plant farmers who only sell cocoa beans without understanding how to process cocoa beans into cocoa powder.


Because indeed to get chocolate bars, for example, it takes some sophisticated equipment or machines to process cocoa beans so that they can be consumed. However, there is also a way to process cocoa beans yourself at home without using a machine that is all done manually, but of course the results are not like the chocolate that is sold in shops. As information, you can use chocolate rolls as alternatives chocolates product.

How to process Cocoa beans into chocolate at home


The first step is of course getting Cocoa beans. You can buy at an online shop or maybe ask the next door neighbor who is a Cocoa farmer. Cocoa beans to be processed must have gone through a fermentation process and are ready to use.


The second step is roasting. If in a chocolate company, the roasting process uses a high-priced, expensive machine, but if you are at home, you can take advantage of a bread oven or even a coffee roasting pan made of clay. If using a bread oven, then put the Cocoa beans on the baking tray then put them in the oven and then turn on the stove, heat for 30 minutes. If using a roasting pan, just put the cocoa beans in the pan and cook until cooked. Approximately 15-30 minutes.


The third step is to separate the outer shell. The part needed to make chocolate is the inside or called the cotyledons which is covered with a thin skin. To get rid of the outer skin, you can mash it slowly until the skin peels off. To facilitate separation of the skin from the cotyledons, use a fan so that the outer shell blows. This process is called a desheller in a chocolate maker.


The fourth step is milling and blending. This is quite a tough process if you don’t use the machine, because grinding takes a long time, approximately 12 hours if you use a blender or mixer available at home. The mixing process is carried out when the Cocoa beans have started to melt like paste. While mixing or stirring, mix other ingredients such as sugar and milk or other ingredients that you want as a flavor enhancer.


The fifth step is conditioning, which is the process of heating the dough. Use a microwave or oven to do this process. Put the dough on the pan, then set the time to 12 minutes at a temperature of 33-48 degrees Celsius. This process is intended to shed the fat crystals on the chocolate until the dough is looking.


The sixth step is printing. After finishing the heating process, turn off the stove and let it sit for a moment to lower the heat. Then, pour the chocolate mixture into the desired mold. Then enter the mold into the refrigerator or refrigerator with a temperature of 16-20 degrees so that the chocolate dough is frozen. This process takes approximately 30 minutes.


After going through the 6 steps above, the chocolate dough is ready to get out of the mold. Be a chocolate bar or shape as desired. It is actually quite easy when done by machine, especially in the milling process which is very long and tiring.


This is how to manually process cocoa beans at home. If you want to make chocolate production, for example, a must-have machine is of course a grinding machine or so-called coarse chocolate pemasta which has been sold in the market for around 300-350 USD with a capacity of 20-25 kg.