Does Medication Have a Role in Healing Anxiety and Depression?

I have heard it said many times that medication’s treating anxiety and depression only mask the symptoms and do not cure the underlying problem. I agree with this idea.Anyway numerous individuals will take this idea to an extraordinary level and presume that mental medications are of no utilization at all. I disagree with this idea completely.

For years I prescribed to the school of thought that psychiatric medications are of no value in the healing process.I turned out to be totally persuaded of this in the wake of battling my first session with serious uneasiness and melancholy. During this battle I was fortunate enough to be given a terrific program created by Tony Robbins called Personal Power. I used the knowledge and techniques that I learned in the program to slowly but surely fight back to a normal state of mind and body.

Conquering my anxiety and depression in this manner put me on an absolute high for months. While discouraged I was sure that my life could never go back again, so when I really recuperated I was stunned. I became a huge believer and supporter of the human potential movement. I felt like some sort of god for achieving a healing that I had formerly deemed impossible.

But after six months of triumph and feeling invincible I began to hit some turbulence again. My fits of anxiety returned, I again slipped into a profound melancholy, and now I was self-destructive. Only by the grace of God am I able to share my story today. I somehow ended up seeing a psychiatrist and very apprehensively began taking medication. Following half a month of utilizing drug I didn’t feel incredible, however I did at any rate feel alright to work. And being well enough to function enabled me to continue to learn about the nature of anxiety and depression. This time I completed another terrific self-help program entitled Attacking Anxiety and Depression by Lucinda Basset. Once again my life was back on track.

And so the next 5 years of my life would be a similar cycle of peaks and valleys. During this time period I would periodically discontinue my medications abruptly in favor of the vast knowledge I continued to gain in the human potential movement. On all three of these occasions I eventually crashed and burned.

Today I am composing as a person who has been cheerful and sound for as long as four years. Adventitiously I have been on my medicine during this time. I have likewise proceeded with my incredible investigation of self-mending thoughts and practices. My ultimate goal is to eventually stop my medication completely, and I have begun a slow and steady reduction already. In any case, regardless of whether incidentally, I need prescription for the remainder of my life, in any event I will have life.

Let me wrap up by relating this information to the central idea of this article: Kratom is exploding in the US in popularity for being a natural supplement that can help with Pain, energy, focus and anxiety. It can be tough to find out solid information about Kratom and its use/effects. is a free resource for all! Either way it is a legitimate and effective tool in the healing of anxiety and depression.