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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I be mailed my tickets?
A: No. For admission to The Chicago Artisan Chocolate Show, Artisanal Foods & Charity Wine Tasting, you may print your receipt and present it at the check-in desk, or we can scan your receipt.

Q: Where is the Festival held?
A:The Chicago Artisan Chocolate Show, Artisanal Foods & Charity Wine Tasting is being held in the Stephen M. Bailey Auditorium in Chicago, Illinois. 1340 W Washington Blvd.

Q: Are tastings included?
A: The majority of non-alcoholic exhibitors will offer complimentary sampling.

Q: Why will the wine and other alcohol exhibits not be offering complimentary tastings?
A: The charity wine and alcohol discount tastings portion of the show is a 100% BENEFIT program for BEAR NECESSITIES PEDIATRIC CANCER FOUNDATION. Discount Tasting Coupons will be available for this event.

Q: Is there a charge for the talks and demonstrations?
A: No, all are included in your daily admission.

Q: Will there be information available for future product purchases?
A: Yes, each exhibitor will have information for ordering after the show. They all can ship cost effectively throughout the US.

Q: Where is parking? What is the cost?
A: Parking is free as available. For more information click here.

Q: Is there a charge for Children?
A: 12 and under no charge.

Q: Are all exhibits mobility accessible?
A: Yes, ground floor access and elevator service available.