Marty Ellis brings a wealth of experience to Fine Artisan Events. The history is extensive. Here are a few highlights:

• Developed two innovative historic Antiques Events, The O'Hare National Antiques Show and The Miami National Antiques Show.

• International Food & Wine Festivals: Three-Star restaurants and finest wineries, including Taittinger, Roederer, Scharffenberger Cellars .and leading Napa vineyards.

• Chicago & Los Angeles Fitness Expos: Worked with and featuring such luminaries as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Olympic Marathon champion Frank Shorter, Vic Braden and Arthur Ashe of the tennis world, plus many others.

• Coordinated the Pacific Rim Expo with the Ports of Long Beach & Los Angeles. Participants included consulates and trade councils from all countries and U.S. states bordering the Pacific Ocean.

Sima Har-Lev is an award winning authority and world wide lecturer on The Holocaust, related and similar occurrences.

Sima also has a natural entrepreneurial spirit and when a close personal friend began developing high end specific demographic events, Sima became intrigued. Endowed with never ending energy, Sima asked if, schedule permitting, she could be of service.

Indeed Sima's skills in networking people became a cornerstone in developing demographic attendance at the events, from Los Angeles to Miami to New York. As is natural for Sima, she has become invaluable to the business.

Noreen Ellis had her first taste of the social event business when, as a teenager, she was a ticket seller at her uncle's Miami National Antiques Show.

Living on two different coasts, Marty and Noreen didn't see much of each other for many years. Noreen had gone into the printing business with her parents and then began her own printing brokerage business.

As the world was entering the digital age, Marty and Noreen caught up with each other and with Noreen being quite tech savvy and both being entrepreneurial, saw the potential benefits of working together.

Eventually Noreen did part time work for various antique and art events. Then when the Artisan Chocolate Festivals began to take shape, Noreen came on board full time, in charge of exhibitor coordination.

Needless to say, Noreen's tech skills have been invaluable to the development of The Artisan Chocolate Events and she is a great asset for their future growth.

J.R. Navarro Inc., the marketing firm that creates all of the graphics and advertising for Fine Artisan Events, is a Los Angeles-based, award-winning company with many client success stories and creative awards. They have helped bring Fine Artisan Events to the forefront of exhibit organizations.



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